Sunday, May 07, 2006

Niagara visit #2

Had a great weekend with a friend of mine from home. We got together Friday night after their plane landed. Lots of catching up to be done, went to Niagara Falls (they had never been - so we took a TON of pictures - hoping they turn out!), and a lot of visiting as well. It was so great to get together, talk about home, talk about life changes, and just have fun. We realized we aren't 12 anymore (which was sorta sad), when we were both not able to climb a tree that looked easy enough:) Definitely made a bit of a scene trying though! HEHE!!

Tomorrow we are going to a baseball game which should be fun! Got great tickets from my director at work, which turned out to be fantastic timing! GO JAYS! :)

Photo: jbrandick


jshishir1 said...

grt that u r having so much fun..its always wonderful to spent time with old friends..i have been trying to meet this friend of mine who is in town ..but then my exams and her project we hardly get time...atleast some ppl do meet...u have loads of fun and tc

Luke said...

The falls are always a wonderful getaway... :) Long no hear!