Saturday, June 16, 2007

Russell Peters

I went to see Russell Peters after a fabulous Greek dinner last night with my family. A surprise Father's Day celebration if you will. He was fantastic. He is just as funny as any video or interview I've seen, and I love the fact that he is Canadian. If you ever get a chance to go see him live definitely run with it. My stomach still aches today from all the laughing I did last night.


Allison said...

I am soooo sad I missed it!!!

Oh where did you have this fabulous greek food?!?!

oh and what is vrooom??

Moi said...

have never seen him preforming live but enjoy acts on videos that have seen so far...would love to if he ever performs in these parts....what has me fascinated is his Indian ancestry......Indians are not known for their sense of am guessing it's the Canadian connection ;)

Jen said...

allison: Vroom is the Grand Prix that I'm going to!!

moi: It must be the Canadian connection;) He was actually in Florida in April this maybe you'll be able to catch him on his next tour. Definitely try because he is fantastic!