Thursday, October 25, 2007


To think I was wearing flip flops when I was out today... It's now technically Oct 25th at 12:10am here...two months till Christmas...and guess what?!? It's snowing:)


Moi said...

it's snowing there already???? i know how much u love wonder u seem overjoyed :)

by the way, do u REALLY have summer there ever :O

Jen said...

We get a little bit of summer...but with the chinook winds in the winter can have our days reach 20C (68F) which is as warm as some of our summer days:) Woke up to a little snow again this morning!!

Moi said...

and summenrs neevr leave us here..this world is made of extremes and then some!!
the changes are coming along fine (as of now)...we will be moving to North West US sometime in Dec...meanwhile i am looking for a job ...hopefully it will all go smoothly...:)