Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Music does strange things to me. Makes me dream. Makes me ponder. Makes me think. I recently came across a song that reminded me that there are so many things to be thankful for. My family. My friends. My apartment and job. My kitten. My life. This year I hope to make more of the relationships I have. Ensure that those I love know that I do. That they mean more than words can really describe. Each and every one of you have touched me in someway that I can’t necessarily describe but I know without you I wouldn’t be who I am. I love you all in special ways, different ways. Old friends, new friends, family, and the others that have more than one label to their name. There is so much for me to be thankful for. Thank you to all of you for what you have brought to me. I have a message for each and every one of you. Some apply to you, some don’t – but when you read this you will know which ones apply to you!

I love you.
Take the leap.
Say the words you really need to say.
Make the changes you need.
I am so happy you have found each other.
I am so fortunate to have you back in my life.
I’ll visit as soon as I get the invite:)
You frustrate me, but I still love you.
You will be able to make it through the next little bit – I’m here for anything you need.
I don’t see enough of you…we need to change that!
Congratulations on the new job – I am sad to see you go though.
I will help you with anything you could ever need.
Take the chance and jump off the edge.
I can’t wait for the announcement!
Kiss your boy(s) for me and give them a big hug.
Take the time to slow down and look around you.
Come visit.
I’ll catch you.
There is always room for you to stay – anytime you need to get away from the real world you can just stop by for as long as you want/need.
Find what you really want and go after it.
Excuses will only go so far, and then you have to act on it.
I’ll try to be patient.
I can’t wait to see you in a few months!
I miss you.

Photo: jbrandick


Gardener Greg said...

Thank you, I picked out a lot that were just for me.

Moi said...

:) that was sweet Jen .....and the photo accompanying the post is dreamy. wish you all that's beautiful and lovely in the new year....:)

Jen said...

Greg: Glad you found some:)

Moi: Thank you! I always look forward to what you have to say about my photos and posts. I hope 2008 gives you all you are looking for and more:)

goddess said...

thanks hon. wuv u2.

kristy said...

I should look at your blog a lot more often. You really have a talent and I enjoy reading what you have to so. Thanks, I certain noticed some that apply to me and our friendship :) Here is to a great 2008

Kristy said...

I am a freak. I really should edit my words before I publish them. lol. i am tired and need to go to bed.

Jen said...

Goddess: Wuv you too!!

Kristy - thanks for the compliment:) Very sweet! Have a great 2008!

Jody-Lynn said...

Okay so I'm a little slow, did you write that song or is it a song.

Jen said...

I wrote it, but it was a song that I listened to that got me thinking:)

Jody-Lynn said...

You are an amazing writer!

Jen said...

Thanks Jody!!

Lori said...

A beautiful message to go with a beautiful photo. I hope the new year brings you many good things and happy times!

Jen said...

Thanks Lori - same to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful Words!

Thanks for being such a great friend and a good listener...and listening to me ramble and ramble and ramble!

May 2008 be your best ever!

Happy 2008!

Shannon H. (for some reason it will not allow me to post my comment with musings of the sea...oh well) :D