Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mixed feelings...

Well...a strange day. So many different feelings. Finally got something out there to the person that I think needed/deserved to know (being that it involved them too) - don't know if they feel that way, but it's too late now:)

Started orchestra again tonight. Feels like I have a part of me back that was gone for a year. Music. There isn't anything like it. I cannot put into words how I felt tonight, back with the group, a little family. Totally overwhelming. Kinda pathetic but I was very overwhelmed, inundated by people welcoming me back, hugs, smiles, and laughter.

So...a piece of me is still missing - two pieces actually. And yet I got a different piece back. So confusing, so hard to decipher what it is that I'm feeling. Happy. Sad. At home. A stranger. Healing. Broken. More broken than naught though... Still waiting.

Je suis désolée
Lo siento
Ik ben droevig
Sono spiacente
Lei si preoccupa?

Photo: jbrandick


Kristy said...

Hey, I can totally relate to missing music and the feeling you get when you're finally back. When I went to university I was feeling so sad and lonely etc, and when band finally started, suddenly things felt better. I'm joining the community band here and practice starts Monday... I'm really looking forward to it!

Jody-Lynn said...

Hey where are you? I sent an email and want to know how life in Calgary is going but I can't seem to find you?!