Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Snow. I love it. We have snow, and with the abnormally low temperatures the snow has stayed! -42C with wind chill is a little crazy…but at the same time it’s winter, and it’s making the snow stay. Sadly (for me anyway) the snow will be gone soon…it is warming up and should be about +12C by Sunday…talk about some huge adjustments for the body:)

Here is a couple pictures I got from the current snowfall…hopefully we’ll get a lot more snow between now and Christmas and I’ll be able to get some great snowy pictures of our Christmas lights!

Photos: jbrandick


Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for your lack of snow so I posted some pictures of how much snow we have here on my blog. I have shoveled pretty much every day and it isn't going to go away with high's of -14 like today!

Anonymous said...

beautiful's the word. I love snow and snow-sacpes too...reminds me of the movie Narnia and Polar Exxpress :)