Monday, March 24, 2008

Paul Potts

Off to see Paul Potts this evening! Bring on the jokes, etc. I am excited to see him. I love his story, and I personally think that he has a lot of talent.

Can't wait to see this British boy live, to see how he does and how he interacts with the audience.

"Potts said that he had been bullied in school, and that experience may have had an influence on his lack of self-confidence. He made a similar remark in 1999 — that his voice had always been a source of solace in the past when bullied."

Just goes to show you how powerful music can be!


Kristy said...

How was the concert? I'm telling you, I'm definitely going to make a weekend trip to visit with you sometime.

Jen said...

You should!!! Would be lots of fun:)

The concert was really good...Paul Potts is so little, but seems genuine which is always a great quality.