Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too long!

So time appears to have gotten away from me in the past month or so. Many things have been happening. Busy with work, friends, family and the sort. Had some interesting news, had some sad news. Have had decisions to make in regards to the next few months. Planning, hoping, seeing, doing, changing. All good in their own way.

This is a photo that I took a few weeks ago from the ridge where I live over looking the west side city and the mountains. Pretty:)

Ever wonder when things will just run smoothly? I do, but then at times, I’m so glad changes and decisions, bumps and turns come about because I think it would be a little mundane otherwise.
Photo: jbrandick

1 comment:

Moi said...

you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! :)
love, love, love that sky........reminds me of the quote "The dust of exploded beliefs may make a fine sunset". -Geoffrey Madan

take good care of yourself :)