Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebration of the Bow River

"500 illuminated spheres released by local volunteers along the Bow River, beginning at Edworthy Park downstream to Prince’s Island, emphasizing and celebrating the purity, flow and sanctity of the Bow River.

Traveling downstream to create a large-scale dynamic lighting installation, the spheres will float into the lagoon, joining a week-long spectacular light matrix that responds in color, motion and light to environmental data collected from the Bow River.

Sources and the River of Light is a narrative lighting installation exploring the idiosyncratic nature of the Bow River in response to the subject of water. Vital information about the environment and the Bow’s make-up, flow and usage is communicated through the light patterns of the spheres, while people take a moment to pause and reflect on the Bow and the installation’s beauty created through light.

The artist of this installation is U.K-based Creatmosphere, founded by artist Laurent Louder. They are using geographic, geological and environmental observation, public participation and technology to achieve a spectacular and memorable experience on the Bow River."

A very unique installation, and a lot of fun to attend with thousands of other onlookers participating.

Photos: jbrandick

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