Monday, August 23, 2010

The Symphony Sessions

There is absolutely nothing better than rediscovering an amazing album by a fabulous composer. There are few things that come to mind that could match the feeling music gives me. The highs and lows, the adventure and quiet, the stories that one can see evolving through a piece. Beginning to end, there always seems to be a story whether it is from a movie soundtrack or it simply allows you to envision your own.

I bought The Symphony Sessions by David Foster the same year the Olympics came to Calgary. This was a must have cassette tape (hilarious!) because it has the theme from the '88 Winter Games. I was 9 or 10 years old. Who would have thought I'd already be forming a much loved collection at that age? Years later the collection has grown significantly, but for obvious reasons, I no longer had the tape or the ability to play it. I was able to find the album and after waiting months for them to track it down, and then ship to me, I am now the proud owner once again.

It's been a great reunion. I remembering conducting so many of these songs in my bedroom and singing along to the one song that has a short chorus. Water Fountain, Firedance, Time Passing, all of them really...crazy as this may sound, but they are old friends with so many memories.

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