Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Like a cloud it comes down
Obscuring my view
Complicating everything that I think
Confusing every move I debate
How is it that I never see?
I never notice
The waste of my feelings
The waste of my love
The waste of my time

Photo: jbrandick


Still said...

A beautiful text to say this fine sky...

Antonio Sevila said...

No domino el idioma, pero creo percibir pesimismo en el texto, tambiĆ©n existe una intensa luz entre las nubes ¿No?.
Excelente foto.

Manuel Tendero Gil said...

hola me gusta los rayos de luz que entran entre las nuves muy buena foto un saludo

Jen said...

Thank you to all of you! I really do appreciate it.

Antonio - yes, I would say there is some pessimism in the text. You are very right:)

Moi said...

If emotions had shape,
they'd look like clouds.......

lovely pic .......the text as u said was gloomier but the pic was uplifting :)

Ummagumma said...

A cloud torn by the sun as a flash in the darkness;very nice e brava ciao

Consultant said...

I sometimes find it hard to read your poetry. They are beautiful prose, however at the same time they are wrought by sorrow.

Jen said...

Chris: Thank you. You thoughts really do mean a lot to me:)