Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy hump day!

So this morning I had a moment. And not one that I would like to happen again anytime soon. Walking up the subway steps, I had a Marilyn moment, not good! I was carrying two bags and WHOOSH went the skirt!!! If it had been 9pm at night – no problem. But no, it was rush hour. Who knows how many people saw…OY!

I’ve only been at work for about an hour and it’s already been slow…it’s going to be a loooooong day! At least I have a Thai lunch to look forward too! :)


gumbee said...

Oh goodness. That must have been embarrassing! I have a few stories like that too. One of them includes a skirt that I borrowed from my mother that I didn't realize had a zipper in the back. Another includes a dress I wore to an interview on a windy day - as my interviewer walked me back to my car, the wind blew open most of the buttons.

Luke said...

Happy hump day!

If that happened to me, I bet I'd be arrested.

Jen said...

Yeah - it certainly wasn't a great way to start the day, but such is life right? :)

luke: you just never know...depends on who is around:)

Michelle Weston said...

good one!! too bad i missed it!!

Goddess said...

You don't even wanna hear about the Stay-Ups that didn't stay up. Rush hour on the corner of Richmond & Bay. I think the mink coat added some class though