Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My Christmas was fabulous, and my extra long weekend away was great! Caught up with all my friends there, saw just about everyone I had planned on seeing, had my one small disappointment (although I don’t really know why I was surprised), a little shopping, movies, dinners, a hike up the escarpment (twice – oops!!), found out a few people may just be heading my way in the next few months (exciting!!), and just spending time with people that matter. It was great…and I already miss you all:) Thank you so much for everything!
Michelle and I (typical - I can't seem to not laugh...)


Tews Falls

Webster's Falls

Photos: jbrandick


Michelle Weston said...

Hey, who's the hottie in the picture with you? And that dog is SOO CUTE!! HAHA! It was great to see you and I miss you already!!

Moi said...

Am sure, u had a great Christmas and a great start to the New Year.....:)
the pics are postcard-pretty and Gilmour is adoh-rable..........:)love dogs ...wud luv to own one one day.....:)..the falls pics are impressive, jen!

Jen said...

Gilmour is a cutie indeed! Christmas and the holidays were fabulous...hope you had a great holiday too! :)