Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Some thoughts I had recently...

The circle represents infinity. Infinity represents forever. I believe that I can love someone enough for forever. Infinity. One true love in my lifetime. Lasting forever. Call me a fool, a wishful thinker, a dreamer – whatever you like. That is what I firmly believe. There is someone out there for me, and I for them. Meant for one another. Searching for the one and only. Our spark. Our other half. To become one, to form our circle. Our infinity.

The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer
By Eugenio Montejo - here's a translation from Australian scholar Peter Boyle:

The Earth turned to bring us closer,
it spun on itself and within us,
and finally joined us together in this dream
as written in the Symposium.
Nights passed by, snowfalls and solstices;
time passed in minutes and millennia.
An ox cart that was on its way to Nineveh
arrived in Nebraska.

A rooster was singing some distance from the world,
in one of the thousand pre-lives of our fathers.
The Earth was spinning with its music
carrying us on board;
it didn't stop turning a single moment
as if so much love, so much that's miraculous
was only an adagio written long ago
in the Symposium's score.

I quite like this poem. I remember the first time I read this, thinking to myself that this was an amazing thing. Could this possibly come true? Could the idea of the world turning to bring me together with someone be possible? I now think it is.


Kristy Chalmer said...

You have some really inspirational poems on here....I appriciate the special reminders about how great life is. Can't wait to se what is yet to come

Jen said...

Thanks darlin'! Glad to see you figured out the comments:)