Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Wish...

Surrounded in a shroud of darkness
The wind blowing through the trees
Calming and reassuring
The rustling of leaves falling
Familiar and welcome
The crisp air kisses my cheeks
As I bundle up a little tighter
Gazing up towards the sky
Thoughts run through my head
I hear an owl in the distance
Hunting for dinner
Coyotes yelp in a field nearby
Calling one another close
The stars, they twinkle
With a knowledge
Of the past, present and future
As though they can see just a little more than me
A shooting star crosses the sky
I close my eyes and make a wish
I wish so hard!
The stars, they know what I wished
They wink at me
As though to say someday you’ll know
Someday you’ll understand
Someday it’ll come true
We can see it

Across the way someone else makes a wish
And the stars respond the same way
Smiling because it was the same wish
At the same time
On the same star
As he gazes up at the night sky
The moon shines down
And he smiles at the thought of someday
Some way
And wonders….

I watch the moon for a time
So steady it sits there in the sky
Lighting the night
I look at it and wonder
Are you looking at it too?
Are we standing here looking at the same moon?
At the same night sky?
At the same time?

Just thought I would share this - something I wrote a little while ago...hope you like! :)

1 comment:

Suzi said...

U inspire people to just put their thoughts down and one day they may (just maybe) measure up to your words. I love that it reminds me of so much.