Friday, March 10, 2006

The Concert!

Well the trip was great! Starting with great border crossing guards. On the way there, they asked where we were going and why. Jalal responded to Rochester for the NIN concert, and the guard snapped our passports shut and said “Well enjoy the concert.” We were on our way! Found our hotel, got a bite to eat at a pub/tavern near by, and then to the concert! Awesome!! Totally worth the trip and was a two hour escape from life as I know it. We were about 20 feet from the stage and could see all the comings and goings of the crew and had great views of Trent and company as well!! Closer, Terrible Lie, Head Like A Hole, Hurt (seriously gave me shivers!) were phenomenal, they all were!

As usual – I had my token friend. Someone who talks away to me, a perfect stranger. She stood next to me at the concert and told me all about the newest addition to NIN – the guitarist. He is amazing she said – the best she has ever heard, sooooo brooding and beautiful, and much to her dismay was standing on the other side of the stage. Later she leaned over and said “Can you smell that? I need that, where can I get that, they need to blow more smoke our direction!" – pot of course. And finally, the comment that made me laugh. She leaned over one last time and said “I was your token drunk girl at this concert” while grinning! LMAO!

Jalal later made his friend at the hotel when someone knocked on the door at about midnight looking to make change because the vending machine outside our door wouldn’t take his dollar bill. Sadly we couldn’t help him, but he noticed Jalal’s shirt and proceeded to talk about NIN for about 10 minutes.

Today we headed back downtown and wandered the streets for a bit. Stopped at Spot Coffee for a coffee, and then to Dinosaur BBQ (thanks for the suggestion Luke!) for a great lunch. Then back to Toronto. Our border guard on the way back found out why we were gone and asked how the concert was and after finding out where we sat said "That would have been awesome!" and sent us on our way! :)

Great trip, much needed getaway with a good friend as well as a good sounding board, being that the trip was hard in one respect. Thanks Jalal! (SEE! Can you hear the beep?)


Jenny said...

you always need a token concert friend! Glad you had a great time!!!

Luke said...

That's awesome. I'm glad you had a great time. If you ever need more ideas for Rochester, let me know. You'll have to suggest some places when I come to Toronto!