Monday, March 27, 2006

My day

Today was a long day! I have this crazy headache that I can't seem to shake...hoping that I can get it to go away without it turning into a migraine and worse! So this is going to short and sweet:)

The saving grace was that I got a bunch of CD's for free today from work (it was like a mini Christmas for me!)...and so far - they are all winners. Some I knew, some are new...they are all looking good though! Will have to spend a little more time listening when my heart is really in it. Some new bands I've never heard of so this could be awesome!

I'm off to find some food so I can take some more drugs...hopefully I can get my hands to stop shaking too. This is so frustrating. GRRRR!

Word of the day:
ACCORDIONATED (ah kor' de on ay tid) - adj. Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.

I'm not really good at this so thank goodness I have my navigator/PIC Shannon!!

8 DAYS and 23 HOURS!!!!


Kristy said...

Well, I think it took me an hour to read your blog! haha... It's funny how I can hear myself saying the same things you've said in many of your posts. You're "word of the day"'s are AWESOME!!! Overall you sound like you are having a great time in the East. After working in this small town for almost a year, I'm ready for something NEW. City-living would be nice. I'll be back to post again :)

Jen said...

Thanks to a fellow NYBer!! It's been great catching up with you as of late... City-living eh? Where do you think you may want to go for?

Shannon said... least I am good for SOMETHING!

Mantaray Ocean said...

I hope that your headache is gone. They are very nasty when they hit.

Jen said...

Mantaray - thanks! My headache is gone...thank goodness:)

Shannon - you are good for more than that silly! P.I.C.!! What would I do without you?!?

Luke said...

Hope you feel better, and I use each of your words of the day to try to edumakate my friends.