Friday, March 31, 2006


Sacrifice. What does that mean to you? What are you willing to sacrifice? For family, friends, work, love, money? Your health, well-being, friends, family, sanity? For one reason or another, this has been weighing on my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about what matters. Deciding what is more important in the long run. What will be left, if I turn my back on one area for awhile? Can I ever go back?

Things in my life have been changing a lot this last while. My eyes have been opened regarding certain aspects. I’ve been forced to start thinking, contemplating, what matters most. I have to decide what I’m willing to sacrifice for different things in my life. Everything is starting to become more and more clear. Am I willing to sacrifice the distance from my family for work? Am I willing to sacrifice my sanity in order to keep the one big loss private, from the one it affects the most? Am I willing to sacrifice my health in order to make just a little more money, by working crazy hours? What would I be willing to sacrifice for love? What would I be willing to sacrifice to achieve all the wealth I desire?

In the end…does this matter? Is it really in my hands? Do I really get to make this decision? Or do others make it for me? If I let it go, will it come back to me?

Sacrifice. It is a strange thing. Some people do this everyday. Some hold fast and are not willing to. I am. And I’m starting to understand more and more what I am willing to do for certain things or people. Certain aspects of my life. What I will give up, what I will change, and what is, to me, unchangeable. Most things aren’t unchangeable I’ve found though, given time.

What is important to you? What are you willing to sacrifice?


Jenny said...

It would be nice to know if you are sacrifcing the right things. Are you making a difference in your life or just living for the sake of living.

Jody-Lynn said...

All I know is that whenever I am asking myself what am I willing to sacrifice I look to two words, money or memories. That determines what I am willing to sacrifice.