Friday, February 10, 2006

Eight months!

I’m sitting here tonight pondering my life and the last 8 months I’ve had. I have officially been in Toronto now for 8 months. Wow…time has flown by! Sometimes it’s almost surreal to think that I did it. I decided I wanted to, put my mind to it and now I’m here. It took awhile from the initial want to the actual move but it just goes to show that if you want something, regardless of the obstacles, you can do it! I know that 8 months isn’t as ‘big’ a milestone as a year but I’ve been thinking about it lately – so here it is!

The last 8 months have been busy. I have moved twice, and I’m thinking of moving again. My first landlady was literally crazy, calling the police twice reporting that I was first - being attacked and second - dead. Wow. That was the Wednesday night and Thursday morning before the Canada Day long weekend. The following Wednesday I had found a new place and moved. At that point I had only been in TO for about 3 weeks. WELCOME TO TORONTO! one of the officers said to me while smiling.

I have made new friends and had a lot of good times. From weekends away to Collingwood, Rochester and Niagara Falls, tennis tournaments, watching Goonies on an outdoor movie screen in High Park (NEVER SAY DIE!), many concerts, and the Goth Ball. My friends here are fabulous – there is nothing I can complain about when it comes to them. They have been there for me when I needed a distraction from missing home and there are already so many memories!

My family and friends at home have also been rocks for me. I’ve made many calls home wondering if I made the right decision, scared of being so alone and just needing to fill my time. I have leaned hard, a little too hard at times perhaps, but they have been there for me and for that I will be eternally grateful. I love you all!

So I moved to Toronto for an internship which later formed into a permanent full time position, fell in love, am now trying to stand up from that fall, have had friends from home visit, made hundreds of memories already - from puzzles and fizz to walking into poles and falling at St. Andrew station during the morning rush, and made the biggest change I think I’ve ever made - definitely bigger than when I moved away for school. There are a couple things I would change but for the most part I’m happy with all my decisions. It’s been scary. It’s been lonely. But I’m a stronger and more independent person for it. I know I can do it now, and I could do it again if a new opportunity arose.


caldini said...

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: 'WOW! WHAT A RIDE!'"


Love it!

Allison said...

I admire you. It's difficult to move out of your comfort zone and you survived!!! Here's to another 8 months. Hopefully there won't be many more crazy landladies. :-)

cheri said...'re journey is beautiful and is only going to get better with time. you are the way more courageous than me moving to the big city all by yourself, starting all over again. i love that about you. keep rockin it out!

Jen said...

Thanks Allison and Cheri! Your support means more than you know! :)

Shannon said...

You always were a strong woman, and now even stronger. I admire you and I am a tad bit jealous that I can't seem to find the same success when I try to pick up and move my life. You really are a shining star Jen:)

Jen said... know what's funny? I didn't know you thought that Shannon...I really didn't. Nothing to be jealous of will succeed. Maybe here in TO;) Sometimes it's hard to feel strong when I sit by myself at night, but it's a lot easier when I know I have you all to support me - even if it's a million miles away!

Luke said...

You have so many adoring fans. But your recent life does seem just like an adventure. :)

Jen said...

It has been interesting to say the least...and I'm lucky to have all my friends and family. I'm looking forward to more adventure though...perhaps another move someday:)