Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So I had an absolutely great time at the wedding this weekend! Caught up with a bunch of people that I used to play with in an orchestra on a weekly basis - man, I miss that and them! Also got to hang out with my best friend which rocked! Sometimes all you need is a weekend like this to put some things in perspective. Although there are still some things I need to look at, fix, change...I am moving in the right direction. Friends and family do that. They can't help but - even if they don't know that anything is wrong. They just help by being, by existing.

This is a picture from the wedding...I had to post it because it is so trademark me. Mouth wide open laughing/smiling - so typically me:) I'm not complaining though.

When I was in a wedding about a year and a half ago, the bride got all of the pictures back and that is how I looked. In about 90% of the pictures. Her mom told her she thought it was great - I looked genuinely happy, enjoying myself, and "real". I thought that was really cool! So, I thought I'd share:)

I have a few more pictures to gather up but will let you know when an album is ready!

Photo: sgoodhand


Shannon said...

You know - i couldn't imagine any part of my life without you Jen...the bad, the good...and the down right hilarious!

Luke said...

You look fabulous. Keep on smilin'.

Jen said...

Shannon - PEEL OUT!!!!!

Thanks Luke - I'm certainly going to keep on doing that as much as I can:)

Shannon said...

PEEEEEL OUT! LOVE IT! We never did catch that ambulance!

Mrs. Chapman said...

hey there - sooo good to see you and i'm really glad you had a good time!!!